You’re Gonna Eat Candy

Well, at least I hope you are. It is Halloween! There is so much candy in my house right now I could feed a small country. And yes, I am going to eat some.

The difference between this year and ten years ago is not that I am going to eat candy. I have eaten candy each Halloween. The difference is that I will not beat myself up for it. I will not fight against the urge and eat everything in sight. I will eat candy and I will enjoy it and I will not feel one bad emotion because I did.

So I recommend you do the same. Think about your favorite candy. Plan to eat it slowly and savor it. My favorite is mini Butterfinger. How YUMMY IS THAT? And I will most definitely have me a little Milk Dud box and possibly a
Tootsie Pop or two. I will not waste my time with candy that is just ok. I am not really interested in a Snickers or a Hershey’s Kiss. And I MOST DEFINITELY will not eat an Almond Joy. This is my husband’s favorite candy bar and I seriously would rather eat spinach.

I will make sure I have a good dinner that includes some fuel and then I will go through all the candy in my home and in my kid’s trick or treat bags. I will pick about 5-10 pieces that I know I will enjoy and then I will savor each bite.

Please do the same. Don’t eat just any old candy until you feel sick. Don’t beat yourself up over candy. It is so
not worth it. You have a right to enjoy Halloween.

Pick your favorite treat and enjoy!