Girl Interrupted

There’s an insane patient in your head and she needs a nap.

I am being very serious.

Are you listening to what you are telling yourself? Have you eavesdropped on the crazy conversation in your head? If you do not have what you want in your life, I guarantee that your thoughts are sabotaging what you say you want.

Just yesterday I was coaching a bright, energetic, lovely client who says that she wants to lose 50 pounds more than anything. But, when I asked her if she believed that she was capable of actually losing the weight, she meekly replied, “No.”

Do you believe that you will succeed? Do you think that you can do it? If not, I’m very sorry, but you won’t. It’s just that simple. It all starts with a belief. Look no further than the insane patient’s rants to figure out why you don’t seem to be able to work on your business, lose the muffin top or feel happy. Insane

You are free to create exactly what you want….and allow in something even better. How? Follow this simple FREE process:

F- Find the insane patient’s belief that is not serving you. “You’ll never pull that off,” or “Who do you think you are trying to do that, “ or even “There’s way too much on your plate to consider that,” are examples.

R- Reduce your suffering by replacing the thought. As you are watching your thoughts, ask Girl Interrupted to have a seat. Pivot your attention toward a positive thought that you believe and that makes you feel better.

E- Encourage yourself to take one tiny step toward the result that you want.

E- Enjoy life without the mental drama. Keep the patient well rested, well fed, and have some fun.

By practicing this FREE technique, the obstacles melt, opportunities show up and brilliant you get to taste your surprise center.