Smaller Brains + Bigger Butts: the problem with your ‘practicality’

The difference between letting yourself be and letting yourself go

The line between self-acceptance and self abuse

The line between loving yourself and losing yourself

Is it self acceptance… or self abuse?

Are you happy with your body? Or just ignoring it?

STOP hiding and ignoring your body!

The BIG mistake no-nonsense women make

No-nonsense women, I’m calling you out.

You know who you are.

You’re ‘too smart’ to fret about your weight. You’re ‘too busy’ to worry about the food you’re eating. You have too much ‘real work’ to do to concern yourself with health nut nonsense. Green smoothies and jogging are for “pool moms” with too much free time.

Well I have news for you, hon: you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You may think you’re liberated because you’ve put aside the skinny jean fixation plaguing so many women nowadays.

But there’s a difference between weight loss and weight love, body image and body love.

By all means: embrace your body. Love yourself no matter what the scale says. But don’t let those ideals become an excuse for neglecting your health.

Ignoring energizing foods, not moving your body, eating more than you need to and continuing unhealthy habits are what’s keeping those extra pounds in place.

Refusing to change is self-abuse, not self-acceptance.

I know, being a working chic is tough. But when you ignore your body and its signals, you’re keeping yourself from your best performance. Too many cups of coffee and sugary snacks leads to crashes later in the day. ‘Grazing’ out of boredom or procrastination is shrinking your brain capacity and expanding your waistline.

Americans spend an average of $33 billion dollars a year on weight loss products and services… yet 40% of the population says they never engage in physical activity in their leisure time. *

See the disconnect?

If you’re carrying around extra weight, don’t just defend it because you disagree with society’s starving-skinny obsession.

Instead, turn within. Put your body in charge. Quiet your mind, listen, notice its signals.

By paying close attention to what your body truly needs, you can make the loving, lasting changes that’ll keep you healthy.

These changes won’t just bring your weight down. Healthy eating and body awareness goes beyond improving your appearance. When your body is properly nourished, your focus improves. You have more energy and you can connect more deeply with your loved ones, your work and yourself.

Your body knows what it needs. Listen. It won’t lead you astray.