Texts from Your Body

Did you see that text from your body? “Dude. What is up?”

I spend probably 50% of my business working with intelligent, accomplished, amazing women around the issue of weight loss. But, that’s not really what it’s about.

Sometimes, I’ll get a Facebook message like this one, “I just don’t understand it. Just put the fork down and go exercise. Problem solved.” Calories in, calories out is only 10% of the equation. 90% is something else entirely. It’s this 90% that I help.

We humans are so hilarious. We look at our bodies, that we have overstuffed, undermoved and neglected, and blame it for the shape we are in.

Our minds. Oh, our gorgeous minds…..race with thoughts that are horrifying. A tsunami of hate for our very selves fills our time and our cells.

When all the while…

Our feet asked to please go faster and farther.
Our calves ache to be flexed.
Our thighs wonder if they will ever stretch again.
Our hips cradle our pain with grace.
Our stomachs expand supernaturally and cover for us.
Our backs feel as if they will break under the weight of it all, but carry on.
Our arms go soft with longing to be useful.
Our shoulders slump and ask our feet if anything is going to start moving soon.
Emotions are trapped in a body that doesn’t process them.

Guess what? Your body is pissed off and has every right to be. It is an employer that has been taking crap from it’s employee (the mind) for far too long. The not so civil war is over, and a revolution is here.

It’s not about scale weight. It’s about truth. And, you can’t find that in a box of oreos.

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