The Moment After an Unanswered Craving

This post is a journal entry I shared with my 42 Day Jumpstart Students who requested it:

There is a moment after an unanswered craving. A single moment…

This moment of stopping and feeling requires consciousness and truth.

Sometimes it feels easier to pretend…

Pretend I’m still hungry when I’m not.

Pretend that food tasting good is more important than life tasting good.

Telling myself that it and I don’t matter.

Telling myself I can get away with it.

When I am able to experience these moments more-I feel more

-intimate with myself

-more awake

-more vulnerable.

The vulnerable part is scary sometimes-but when I embrace it, I feel as if I am embracing myself and my precious vulnerability instead of turning my back on myself.

And it is always worth it.

Long term, it is always worth it.