Win the Lottery or Fog Eat?

Ok. Stay with me on this one. You might have to read it a few times to really get what I am saying here. My work is all about belief systems and thoughts and how in changing our thoughts we change our lives.

Imagine that I come to your home to inform you that you have won the lottery valued at 100 million dollars. Let’s say you believe me. I mean really believe that you have won this money. What would you feel? Really go there. Overwhelmed? Joyous? Excited? Ecstatic? Ready to jump up and down? What other thoughts does this one belief inspire? Thoughts like:
I am going to be free. I won’t ever have to work again. I am going to love driving a Porsche?

Now tell me why you are feeling and thinking this way. Is it because you won the lottery? (You didn’t.) Is it because I told you that you won the lottery? (I was lying.) OR Is it because you BELIEVED you won the lottery? This one belief changed your entire state of being for a short time. This one belief caused you to have feelings of joy and happiness. This one belief gave you a flood of new positive thoughts.

It is not the circumstance that gave you the feelings, because in this case the circumstance isn’t even really happening.

Make sure you really understand this. Make sure you really get that it is not what is happening, but what we THINK is happening that determines our experience and our feelings and ultimately our actions.

So if believing that you won the lottery can make you feel so good, why don’t you have me come to your house everyday and convince you that you have won the lottery? (Assuming that this is possible and you wouldn’t catch on.) If telling you a lie once a day can give you a feeling of ecstasy, why not do it daily?

Well, some of you do.

You may not do it with the lottery, but you do it with food. You use food as a way of altering how you feel. You eat and tell yourself that it is comforting and that it will help and that it is your friend. You tell yourself that food is what you need and want and desire. You lie. And you believe your lie. And then you do the whole thing again the next day.

You give yourself a false high by telling yourself you have “won the lottery” when you know that it isn’t true. You tell yourself that food is the answer when you know it isn’t true. You live this superficial high of illusion and miss out on the genuine high of being you.

So maybe you didn’t win the lottery. Can you really know for sure that you would be happier if you did? What would determine your happiness? YOUR THOUGHTS. If you decide to believe and think thoughts that serve you in a real and authentic way, you will enjoy a constant state of well-being. If you continue to tell yourself little white lies that give you a burst of elation followed by disappointment, similar to the lottery lie, you will continue on the roller coaster.

You know the one. Thinness is the win. Overeating is finding out it wasn’t true.

I’d rather earn 100 million than win it any day.