You Have to Stop Gaining Before You Start Losing

My weight loss clients want to lose weight yesterday.

This is right in the middle of seemingly uncontrollable eating and weight gain.

They want to pay me for the u-turn. When, after one week, they haven’t lost ten pounds, they sometimes get frustrated and quit.

It’s such a shame when this happens. When we don’t allow ourselves the time we need to change, we may end up quitting the very thing that could facilitate result we ultimately desire.

So, I tell my in-a-hurry clients to allow themselves the space to stop gaining. I tell them they need to learn how to maintain their current weight, so when they lose it, they can maintain their natural weight.

Sometimes this pause is one week.

Sometimes it’s six weeks.

For some it might even be six months.

But when you do it right, then your done. Done with out of control fog eating. Done with gaining thirty pounds without noticing. Done with the beat-downs. Done with the self doubt and panic.

Then, the weight comes off. Patiently. Without drama. Without fanfare. It quietly releases as our thoughts, feelings and actions change.

Then it stays off.

Losing weight when you are still fogging out is like paying off credit cards while you are still shopping out of control. It is self-defeating. Exhausting.

Stop gaining.

Then lose it.