Your Fabulousness Translates

“Carrie : Maybe I can’t leave New York. I don’t know how I’d do someplace else.
Samantha : Believe me, your fabulousness would translate.”

Sex and the City's CarrieI love the characters from Sex and the City. Sandwiched between interesting fashion and hilarious drama, there’s brilliant humanity. Like Carrie, we can find ourselves overwhelmed and afraid to embrace change. We doubt our abilities.

I don’t know how.
I can’t.
It’s too hard.
I should stick to what I know.

I’ve logged thousands of hours coaching amazing people who run away with these thoughts into their own private hell. My criteria for change? If what you are thinking is not kind, does not feel like love, does not serve you, that’s reason enough to change your mind.

The above are statements of you on mind crack. The kinds of thoughts that keep you less than. Stuck. Hiding. You know more than you think you do. You are smarter, deeper, more agile, and less complicated than you suspect.

My Goals diagram

How to Translate Your Fabulousness:

1. Identify an area where you have done well and felt good about it. Think of all areas of your life: career, relationships, physical fitness, spirituality. What do people ask your advice about? Did you plan an event that was a home run? Make a killer cocktail? Bake an amazing cake? Figure out how to raise money for a worthy cause? It’s there. Take some time using these mind map worksheets to brainstorm ideas.

2. Brainstorm how you did it. How did you approach the venture? What did you do? How’d you pull that off? My client Amanda was convinced that she couldn’t lose weight. She’s tried “everything.” It turns out that she had tried 5 crappy diets, but had never tried approaching weight loss the way that she approaches her superb parenting. She’s seriously a child whisperer.

So, she got to work examining her success with little people, and discovered some key ingredients and techniques that she agreed to translate from parenting over to weight loss. They included: patience, kindness and love, firm boundaries, and did I mention love and compassion?

3. Apply these same fabulous skills and approach to your new goal for fabulous results. When Amanda did, It completely transformed her treatment of herself, how she moved, what she ate, and how she thought. Her result was peaceful weight loss. And she used techniques she already knew to do it.

Doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose 50 pounds, build your very own business, or parent a spirited child. Tame your spirited thoughts, and you’re gold. And fabulous.